"Be full of the joy of the Lord always. I will say it again, be full of joy" ~Philippians 4:4

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fess up Friday!


I'm Fessin Up!

Somehow I ended up following my own blog, I guess I think I'm just that awesome. Now, how do I fix this?

Have you ever seen a striped lawn? Well, I managed to put stripes in our backyard. I thought I would do something nice for my husband, and this is how the "nice" turned out.

~The first two fess ups were from June 2011, which is when I started my very first Fess up Friday, and it's now almost November, hopefully I'll push the Publish Post button this time.

~Mat had a meeting with the two guys that are running the "intern discipleship house" for men last night. Did I forget to mention that the meeting was at 6:00pm. I was not prepared to make them dinner. But I felt bad for them, so I made some fresh rice and took a Tupperware container out of our fridge and dumped it on top of that fresh rice. Not to sure how they feel about left overs, but I did smell it to make sure it was still some what edible to eat. I don't think I gave them a choice.

~Yesterday, I volunteered in Kindle's class for the first time and it just so happened to be Drug Awareness Week. Thursday was "Wear your Sweats" Day and I took full advantage of that. I also took advantage of it today and wore them again when I dropped her off at school. Making a great impression on Betty Kiefer Elementary is what I do best.

~I feel like I'm already the "Cool Mom" according to Kindle's friends. ;) They come to our back fence at recess and tell me all sorts of interesting facts. I secretly want to feed them warm cookies and milk, but I'm afraid someone will call the police on me.

~Kindle needs to be picked up from school in five minutes, I need to get these sweats off.


  1. Finally, another blog post! Yep, I love reading about you and your family. You are funny! Keep up the great writing :) Love you!

  2. Ditto what Lindsay said. You make me laugh, and I am so not surprised that you are the 'cool mom' Kids have loved you for as long as I've known you. You are a kid magnet because you are AWESOME. Thanks for linking up with me!

    Blog more. I like you.

  3. Great Job Aimee! This is my first visit and I love it!
    Sweats ROCK! Though I have found that living life in stretch fabric does not keep me committed to my health plans! LOL!

    Totally a kid magnet because you are definitely what Kira said, AWESOME!!!

  4. ....give them cookies....;)...then RUNNNNN inside at full speed!-lol!

    Loved catchin up on your blog-I can't believe you remember at least one thing for every year of your life in your twenties-what a gift! I have to constantly ask myself what year it is and how old I am every time I sign something or someone asks me...I was thinking it was 2013 all last week :D

  5. nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue other follower im looking for to visit more...blessings